Costa Rican Surfers Bundle Up as Snowmageddon Blows Ashore

Surf's Up Brah!

Surf’s Up Brah!

Ticos surf in fur coats, parkas to brace for Weenter eStorm Yunho

PLAYA HERMOSA — Costa Rican surfers hit the waves in parkas, gloves, ski caps and galoshes today as the Central American nation braces for what is expected to be the worst snowstorm in the history of a town 2,200 miles away.

“I’m not taking any chances brah,’’ said Escooter Barrantes, who wore a ski mask and Uggs snow boots into the frigid 79-degree water. “I’m gonna be a legend when I tell people I surfed the Snowpocalypse.’’

Tourists visiting Costa Rica said they had to drive all over town to find surf appropriate gear before daring to get in the water as Weenter eStorm Yuhno, as it is known locally, wreaked unprecedented havoc across Earth, said Dooglas Milanese, a tourist from New Hampshire. Milanese’s search was futile as all he found in the frigid tropical beach town was tank-tops, board shorts and Billabong caps, he said.

“I’m just going to wear everything I brought with me,’’ said Milanese, who wore three pairs of shorts over his jeans and a two button-up shirts from Old Navy. “I’m gonna freeze my nards off,’’ he said as he stared out at the wintry dry season sun.

While a large majority of surfers elected to stay out of the water to avoid the looming blizzard, those with the most “cajones” threw on their warmest winter gear and valiantly braced for the bitter conditions.

“I surfed the polar vortex while in Bali last year and ripped it up in Maui while Russia got hit by the snow tsunami in 2013,’’ said Rocky Riccola, wearing a mink fur coat and long underwear. “It will no doubt be gnarly brah, but this is what separates the hombres from the muchachos, mae,’’ he said as he put on red mittens and sprinted to sea.

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