PiKza Hut, PeKsi: Brands Change Names to Cater to Latin American Clients

Que riko la PiKza!!

After decades of cringeworthy mispronunciations, the restaurant chain Pizza Hut and soft drink giant Pepsi announced Monday they will change their brand names in Latin America to PeKsi and PiKza Hut to cater to a more regionalized audience.

Beginning April 1, all 461 Pizza Hut restaurants in Latin America will officially become PiKza Hut, a move the company considers a tribute to the millions of regional citizens that have butchered the franchise moniker for years. The soft drink Pepsi — a long-standing partner of Pizza Hut – will also join the rebranding movement and change its name to PeKsi to celebrate the baffling inclusion of the letter K in pronunciation across the region. 

The name change idea came to executives while on a psychedelic ayahuasca trip in rural Peru last year, the companies’ said in a joint press statement.

“While on a vision quest trip in the Amazon, our marketing directors said the letter K came to them during hallucinogenic episodes,” the statement read. “Once sober, their shaman took them to Pikza Hut for an eslice and a Peksi, which they considered to be an epiphanic moment.”

PeKsi: Muy refreskante

Costa Rican citizens, like Mykol Mora Monge Mena, celebrated the culturally sensitive decision by the gringo fat-food franchises.

“I’ve been made fun of for years for saying Pikza, Peekza, Picsa, or Peaksah Hut,” said Mora Monge Mena. “Now I can finally feel confident ordering a Pikza with a Peksi. I might even put catsoup on it and get a sanwhicht to go, just cuz I can.”

According to sources, the soft drink Sprite is also considering a Latin American rebrand to Essprigh, while Heinz ketchup is mulling adoption of the name Khatsu for regional products.

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