Gringo-Costa Rican Marriage Ends After Contentious Fight Over Number of Continents

NOSARA – U.S. resident Craig Johnson and Costa Rican Evelyn Suarez ended their marriage yesterday after a year-long argument over the number of world continents was unable to be resolved in an amicable fashion, according to the couple’s divorce documentation.

Johnson, a 31-year old Omaha native, and Suarez, a 26-year old from Cartago, met two and a half years ago in the Costa Rican beach town of Tamarindo and instantly hit it off, finding common interests in surfing, scuba diving and Nicholas Cage movies, mutual friends said. They married early last year, though, after settling into a beachside villa in the Pacific coast town of Nosara, found something they didn’t agree on: the number of continents in the world.

continentsThe feud reached boiling point several months ago when Johnson, who considers North and South America to be different continents, could not identify which continent Central America belongs to. This was particularly offensive to Suarez, who claims North, South and Central America are all part of one continent known as ‘The Americas.’

Over time, Johnson, who says there are seven continents, and Suarez, who claims there are five, were unable to arrive at a peaceful resolution, ultimately leading to divorce, court documents show.

“One night, we overheard him ask ‘What about Antarctica? Is Antarctica nothing to you?!’” neighbor Amanda De Jong said. “She told him to consider a massive chunk of uninhabited ice as a continent was something ‘only a dumb gringo would do’ and then yelled ‘F*ck you and F*ck Antarctica!’ It was clear to me at that point that they’d reached a point of no return,” De Jong said.

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