Costa Rica Erects Statue of Drunk Teacher Who Took Students to Strip Club

Costa Rica’s Tourism Institute unveiled a new statue today to commemorate the “courage, leadership and educational vision” demonstrated by British teacher Richard Glenn, who got drunk and took teenaged students to a strip club while on a school trip to the Central American country in 2019. 

Glenn, who received international attention following his teaching ban from the prestigious Longridge Towers boarding school last month, “sounds like pretty fun dude” and should be “applauded for providing pupils with a real, authentic Costa Rica tourism experience,” Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura said Monday. 

Glenn, seen here supporting local Costa Rican economy

“I bet the one thing those students remember from their trip to Costa Rica isn’t how to properly greet someone in Spanish or ask for directions to the biblioteca” Segura said at a press conference. “They remember the night their teacher showed them what a hero looks like.”

The statue, located next to the entryway of the Elite D’Pelufo strip club visited by the teacher and students, features Glenn holding a glass of rum while yelling and directing pupils towards the front door of the adult entertainment establishment. The plaque beneath the statue reads “I’m going to kick your fucking head in,” which Glenn yelled at students on the legendary night. 

“It’s important for the youth of today to understand that, as an adult visiting Costa Rica, you’re probably going to get trashed and make some bad decisions,” Segura said. “The entire town of Jacó thrives on this model, and we in Costa Rica feel it’s important to pay homage to someone like Glenn, who embodies the type of tourist we welcome here in our country.” 

Segura suggested that Glenn was “actually ahead of his time,” as his excess alcohol consumption and careless strip club spending likely helped the local economy, which suffered months later at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Maybe the money spent that night ended up feeding a dancer’s child or the mother of a bouncer,” Segura asked. “None of that would have been possible had Glenn stayed in and gone to bed early like a coward.”   

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