Ticos Wait Hours in Line for Museum That Doesn’t Exist

Disappointment didn’t ruin everyone’s day

10696350-large-group-of-people-waiting-in-lineSAN PEDRO – Last Monday afternoon nearly one hundred Ticos formed a line, which stretched two city blocks, for a glimpse at a new Chinese art exhibit at a San Pedro museum that didn’t actually exist.

Costa Ricans are famous for waiting in line and internationally applauded for their calm demeanor and abundance of patience. So when the line was formed nobody thought anything of it, despite its incredible length.

“I didn’t know what I was lining up for, but it looked like fun”, said Jessica Borges, who happily ate ice cream while waiting. “I hadn’t heard about the exhibit but was glad I found a cool line. From what everyone was saying the display was remarkable. It’s too bad it wasn’t a real thing.”

Ramon Hernandez, the first person in line, said he was just standing on the corner of la calle de la amargura with calle 2 when herds of people started filing in behind him. Once they told him of the exhibit, he was just glad to be first in line.

“I hadn’t even heard of the exhibit”, Hernandez said, “But I was excited to be the first one there. It seemed like one of those right place, right time situations.”

After rumor spread that there in fact was no Chinese art exhibit, the line snaked towards a BAC San Jose ATM, where people waited to withdraw cash. Unfortunately the banking system was down and no one successfully made a transaction.

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