Costa Rica Crashes Facebook Servers Jerking Itself Off

Ticos dislocate shoulders in nationwide circle jerk

THE INTERNET – The Central American servers that handle traffic for Facebook, or el Fahhhhhce, crashed this morning as the entire country of Costa Rica was just reaching climax through self-admiration.

Representatives from Facebook said the crash was a result of millions of posts and re-posts of videos, photos, and memes touting Costa Rica as the happiest, most environmentally-friendly, and downright sexiest country in the world.

Despite the barrage of pro-tico propaganda cluttering up everyone’s news feeds, the nation was unfortunately unable to virtually satisfy itself before servers crashed.

“They were pretty close to bustin’ a nuez,” a Facebook press release reported. “but self-indulgent oversharing of that Costa Rica vs Nicaragua xenophobia video was the straw that blued the camel’s balls.”

El Fahhhhhce hopes to have its servers up and running again by this afternoon so that the country can finish itself off.


jerk off


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