Boyfriend Promises ‘Grand Slam’ Valentine’s Date at Denny’s

Tico plans romantic date at overpriced roadside diner

ALAJUELA — Lenin Vega Lopez has big plans this Valentine’s Day to treat his girlfriend to a romantic brunch at Denny’s all-American diner. Lopez, a plastic chair salesman from San Joaquin de Heredia, promises that this will top last year’s disastrous date at Soda Tapia, which his girlfriend Usnavy described as “incredibly polo”.

“I’m going to show her how special she is by treating my cabra to a Grand eSlam this year,” Lopez told el Peji from his mother’s kitchen, adding “a cachete inflado, mae!”

This coming Tuesday, Denny’s, the family diner that is normally reserved for classy events like post-church Sunday brunches and quinceñera receptions, will be the stage for romance. The restaurant will be serving its standard greasy fare as well as a Valentine’s Day menu with specials such as a glob of microwaved pinto shaped into a heart.

Prices at Denny’s in Costa Rica are somewhat higher than those in the United States, with a basic breakfast costing around $13. Lopez has set aside half his 2016 Aguinaldo for this special day, and plans to slip the waiter a rojo for a booth with a view of the airport.

“Sure, it’s almost 7 mil for soggy hash browns and burnt bacon, but she’s worth it,” said Lopez. “Anything for mi hembra.”


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