Tica’s Poolside Side Boob Instagram Photos Best Part of Everyone’s Sunday

Viewers of Flora Cocos’s Instagram account surpassed audience for El Clásico last weekend

SANTA ANA — The Costa Rican Sunday traditions of church, carne asadas, bad fútbol matches and violently making out in public have a new competitor. Her name: Flora Cocos. Her game: Instagram side boobs.

pic 10What started as a poolside hobby has become almost folklórico in Costa Rica, as every Sunday afternoon, Ticos anxiously await the inevitable side boob bikini Instagram picture of Cocos, who replaced chifrijo as the best thing about Sunday for Ticos aged 14-78, according to Costa Rican Statistics Institute, INEC.

“These maes are locos for Cocos,” INEC researcher and avid Instagram follower Marcelo Arde said as he repeatedly refreshed Cocos Instagram account. “Would you rather watch this or Cartago and Belén play in a 1-1 tie?”

Without fail, every domingo por la tarde, Cocos, a 20-something from Santa Ana suburb Río Oro, will post a picture of herself in a far-too-small-to-wear-as-an-adult outfit, showing off plenty of skin and cleavage while laughing it up with some of her BFFs in too-staged-to-be-natural situations that look like B- Chanel advertisements. Cocos, who has amassed 848,000 followers, is the latest in a long line of internet sensations to pop up in the Central American nation, following in the footsteps of stars such as television thief “Tragateles,” baby sloths, the “No te vayas a Perez Zeledon” kid, and Panamanian jump-kick victim Paulo Wanchope.

Given her predecessors’ successes, Cocos is convinced she can use her over-exposed gemelas to selfie her way to the top, or perhaps one day finish in the Top 10 of a Miss Santa Ana pageant, according to friends.

“I just take the pictures to remember times spent with my guilas, they’re not for anyone else,” she said as she took and re-took the same photo while applying heavy doses of coconut butter and uncomfortably sucking in her stomach for each picture. “Just because I’m physically blessed doesn’t mean I am trying to get attention for it,” she said as she hashtagged her latest upload #followme #instahottie #pleaselikemyphotos #please #likemeordie and #boobies.

Cleavage enthusiast Edgar Lopez said the country has really noticed an increase in Cocos’s posting frequency since mid-2014, when Oxford added “side boob” as an official entry to its dictionaries. “I think that really empowered her and validated what she was doing,” Lopez said while liking all 1,211 of Cocos poolside photos. “Other than life, death, and polygamy, Cocos Side Boob Sunday is about as sure a thing as you can get.”

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