Keylor Navas Replaces La Negrita as Costa Rica’s Patron Saint

Costa Rica Archdiocese gives Navas “Express Canonization” following miracle save against Lionel Messi

CARTAGO – Costa Rica’s Archdiocese announced yesterday that star goalkeeper Keylor Navas would replace La Negrita as the country’s patron saint given his continued performance of incomprehensible miracles.

Navas, the Real Madrid keeper rumored to possess divine powers since the 2014 World Cup, proved himself worthy of Sainthood during his side’s 2-1 win over Barcelona on Saturday, José Rafael Quirós Quirós, San Jose’s Archbishop, said during mass at La Basílica in Cartago yesterday. After his celestial save against Lionel Messi on Saturday, the Pope and Archdiocese conferred to expedite his canonization as his miracle count now far exceeds that of La Negrita, Quirós said.

“If you watch the replay, it is clear Navas was carried by Angels’ wings to make that save,” Quirós said. “Ask yourselves this: Could a tiny black rock do that?”

Quiros and the Archdiocese concluded the mass by unveiling a giant figure of Navas above the pulpit of the cathedral where La Negrita had previously been displayed. La Negrita, the small black stone that resembles the Virgin Mary carrying a swaddled baby, will be moved to the pedestrian walkway alongside La Platina bridge, where is it hoped she will protect the thousands of motoriststs hat risk their lives daily when crossing, Quirós said.

Navas, who was alerted of his new title by the Pope, took to Twitter to thank God for his ascension to Saint status.Saint Navas2

“Gracias A Dios, Ya Soy Un Dios!” Navas tweeted with the hasthtags #SanKeylor #GetSaved #LaNegritaWho

The Archdiocese ruled that the Aug. 2 commemoration day of the patron saint will remain the same, though the national pilgrimage, known as la romería, will be rerouted to Navas’s boyhood home in Perez Zeledon. Instead of walking on their knees when approaching, as was done at Cartago’s Basílica, devout supporters have been asked to wear keeper gloves and excessive hair-gel to honor Saint Navas.       

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