Facebook to Change Latin American URL to ElFahhhhhce.com

Company also mulling name change of WhatsApp to “Whaaaats”


Menlo Park, California — In a push to make the world’s most popular social media network region-friendly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the Latin American URL for the company’s website will be changed to ElFahhhhhce.com, a decision celebrated by the 400 million users south of the U.S. border.

“It was evident after last year’s visit to Colombia that the actual Facebook name is almost nonexistent in Latin America,” Zuckerberg wrote in a company statement. “Everyone referred to me as the founder of ‘Fahhhhhce’ or asked me how I came up with the idea for ‘El Fahhhhhce.’ It was at that point I realized we needed to modify the URL name.”


A six-month trial period will begin March 1 to redirect Facebook.com users to Elfahhhhce.com, where profiles will remain the same while some minor modifications to relationship settings to cater to Latin American romantic preferences, Zuckerberg said. Given the region’s penchant for infidelity, the site’s “Relationship Status” options include “In multiple relationships,” “In a relationship but still on Tinder,” “Estilo Telenovela” and “Mucho pegue, Muchos problemas.”

“I love the new options,” Caracas, Venezuela-based user Marco Dominguez said after a trial run on ElFahhhhhce.com. “If I just pick ‘Estilo Telenovela,’ I don’t have to explain nothing to my fiancé or any of my girlfriends. It makes for a much more honest online experience.”

Facebook, which purchased the popular messaging application WhatsApp in 2014, is also considering changing the name of the mobile chat service to “Whaaaats,” as it is known as in most of the region.

“It’s about catering to our clients,” Zuckerberg said. “What better way to demonstrate solidarity with the Latin American community than through the familiar names of Elfahhhhhce and Whaaaats.”

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