Pope Francis Racks Up 48,000 Tinder Matches During Mexico Visit

Progressive Pope’s first foray into online dating deemed “miraculous”

Swipe Right for Salvation!

Swipe Right for Salvation!

MEXICO CITY — It was quite a week for Pope Francis in Mexico. He met with the President, held Mass at the Basilica de Guadalupe, visited the border town of Juarez and, in what was maybe his finest achievement, managed to amass 48,000 Tinder matches in only six days.

Pope Francis, who is famously active on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, announced his entry into online dating while in Mexico, tweeting that he was “hoping Tinder might lead to another rendezvous w/ Kate Del Castillo and Sean Penn jajaja.”

The Pope, who launched his Tinder account with four personal photos – a selfie taken in the Popemobile, a beach picture while flexing in his robe, a shot from his travels to the Philippines and one of him kissing a baby in Uganda – said he originally thought he wouldn’t be too popular on the dating app given his demanding work schedule and lifelong commitment to celibacy.

“No Drink, Believer in Merciful God, World Traveler, Fan of Eternal Salvation, Jesuit,” his profile read. “Argentine by birth – but actually humble! Only smoke I’m into is papal white. Oh, and Celibate #sorrynotsorry.”

After his arrival in Mexico City, His Holiness laid in bed unable to sleep from jetlag. He opened Tinder and Super Liked everyone, explaining that “we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord, even the girls who are clearly edecanes that say they work in finance.”

By the end of the week, “El Papa” was nearing 50,000 matches.

“48K Matches: It’s a Tinder miracle jajaja,” The Pope tweeted before boarding a flight back to Rome. “Eat your heart out DiCaprio,” he tweeted, poking fun at the Revenant actor’s alleged stint on the dating app. He closed the tweet with the hashtags #GodBlessTinder and #CantwaittogetbacktoBrazil!

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