Costa Rica’s New President to Sport Hipster Toupée

Solís shows off cool new look to appear more “Mall San Pedro”

SAN JOSE – Luis Guillermo Solís will enter office in May sporting a sleek new wig to disguise his bald head and avoid being characterized at the United Nations as “el pelon,” the newly elected President announced Monday.

Ya llegó el gallo, maes!!

Ya llegó el gallo maes!!

Solís, who held his post-election press conference at downtown fresa-hipster bar Steinforth, was introduced to his supporters to a backdrop of electronic music, a smoke machine and a psychedelic light show. He emerged from the smoke wearing skinny jeans, a v-neck shirt that said “Got President?”, and a head full of fake, cool-looking young person hair.

“Qué me dicen maeeess?” He yelled as he took the stage and spread his arms wide. “Notice anything new?” He asked. He then paused and said “Ya soy el Presidente, caripichhhhas!!”

Solís, who relied on young voters to propel his meteoric rise to the presidency, promised supporters he was going to be “El Presidente Más Chiva” in the history of the country. He also said that, with his new hair, he will now be the coolest-looking Latin American President at the U.N.

“This is definitely a cooler look than Peña Nieto’s greasy mobster hair,” he said. “The only regional President with more hair now is Evo Morales, and I think he is actually just an Andean sheepdog.”

The hair will better represent Costa Rica as an exciting young nation full of vitality and attractive people, he said. Presidents that have a full-head of hair attract an average of 30% more foreign direct investment during their administration, Solís said, citing a study conducted by the University of Chepe Centro.

One thought on “Costa Rica’s New President to Sport Hipster Toupée

  1. I KNOW this is a joke… but seriously? He is the President of Costa Rica and deserves a bit of respect as well as the people who elected him.

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