Mae of the Week: January 16

LGSThis week’s M.O.T.W. is Costa Rican presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solis. Solis is from Montes de Oca and is getting absolutely demolished in the Presidential polls despite being by far the most educated.

Solis was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Michigan while leading candidate Johnny Araya can neither spell Fulbright nor Michigan, which he thought was a Mexican indigenous tribe.

Solis spends his spare time break-dancing and trying to convince voters that he is not Otton Solis, who preceded him as head of the PAC party. Currently Solis is mulling a new campaign titled “I’m not Otton, but I’m cool too” and convincing young voters to stand awkwardly behind him for 90 seconds while he yells at a camera.

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