Gringa Tourist Insisting to be Pregnant Actually Just Embarrassed

Repeatedly said “Estoy embarazada” after spilling Lizano sauce in restaurant

MANUEL ANTONIO – An unfortunate miscommunication disrupted Peggy Morris’s holiday vacation when she was rushed to Hospital Monseñor Sanabria in Puntarenas after confusing the Spanish words pregnant and embarrassed at the Barba Roja Restaurant in Manuel Antonio.

While enjoying a sunset dinner at the popular tourist restaurant, Miller’s elbow sent a bottle of Lizano sauce crashing to the floor as she laughed at a friend’s joke. When a waitress rushed over to clean up the puddle of the delicious tangy sauce, Morris, who had consumed four Imperials, a shot of Ron Centenario and a Rock Ice, immediately began apologizing for the mess.

“Lo siento, lo siento,” she said. “Estoy tan embarazada. Tan, tan embarazada.”

Waitress Nancy Peralta, who has worked at the Barba Roja only two months, was stunned at Morris’s confession, which means “I’m pregnant” in Spanish. Worried that Morris had been drinking while with child, Peralta returned to the kitchen and called the Red Cross, which in true Costa Rican fashion, showed up 38 minutes later.

When the Red Cross arrived to check on Morris, she was found dancing on a table after downing two additional shots of chili guaro. She then accidentally kicked the empty shot glasses to the floor, nearly hitting the two Red Cross employees.

“Ah, perdon, perdon,” she said. “Que pena! Estoy tan embarazada! Que embarazo!”

At the confirmation of her pregnant status, Red Cross employee Javier Pena ordered Morris to get down from the table and then ushered her into an ambulance waiting in the parking lot.

“The Red Cross has strict protocol to give priority to all women complaining of pregnancy pains,” Pena said. “It wasn’t until we reached the hospital did we realize she just really sucked at basic Spanish.”

Upon her arrival at the Monseñor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas, Morris, who was still tipsy and singing “Guantanamera’’, was given an ultrasound, which revealed only a stomach full of liquor.

“Why are you giving me and ultrasound?” Morris asked an English speaking doctor. “I was only saying that I was embarazada, like embarrassed.”

“Gringa,” the doctor said. “Avergonzada is embarrassed. Embarazada is pregnant. You told everyone you were pregnant.”

“Really? And I’m fluent in Spanish,” said Morris, who took two Spanish classes in Junior college. “Que embarazada!”

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