Bus Driver Claims Ownership Rights of Sad Jesus Face Decal

                    Jesus seems sadder on other people’s cars, driver says

jesusSAN JOSE – The sad Jesus face sticker brings comfort to most Costa Rican commuters when they see the sunken head and bloody crown of thorns of El Señor on car and bus windshields.

But Viktor Rojas is not most Tico motorists.

A Biusa company bus driver for the past 18 years who currently drives the La Uruca – Peregrina route, Rojas says he was the first person in Costa Rica to paste the iconic weepy Jesus head above his windshield.

“That’s my Jesus,” Rojas said. “I know people say he is for everyone, but I created dejected-faced Jesus car stickers and I’ll be God-damned if I’ve ever received any royalties for it.”

Rojas said he was “ahead of the Jesus curve” and is no poser when it comes to true JC love. He copyrighted the decal with the National Registry in 1982, but given the universal image of Christianity’s Lord and Savior, none of his 18,642 royalty claims have been granted.

“When I first put the sticker up there, it was edgy,” Rojas said. “No one had ever really visually felt Jesus’s pain like that before. Now, I’m the one who feels crucified.”

Sometimes the Jesus decal looks apologetically at Rojas when he passes him on the back of a Hyundai Excel or Volkswagen Golf hatchback. When it rains, the Jesus decal actually cries for his unfortunate fate of being stuck in traffic on Avenida 2, Rojas said.

When asked why he doesn’t just take down the sticker, Rojas scoffed: “What am I going to put up there, Autobots?”

Rojas predicts that this new-aged Jesus-mania is just a fad in passing, though as an act of protest, he now refuses to do the sign of the cross when passing every neighborhood church.

“I have faith my claims will get sorted out some day,” Rojas said. “That’ll be the day all these copyright-infringing hijueputas start filling up my collection tray.”

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