El Clásico Prediction: Both Teams Will Unsuccessfully Try To Score First Goal

Alexander-Robinson-FOTO-MANUEL-VEGA_ALDIMA20131130_0033_6El clásico is set for today between Costa Rican soccer league king-pins Saprissa and La Liga. This is the third such meeting of the season, with the first being a 4-4 tie and La Liga taking the second match 3-0.

Here at El Pejibaye we take our sports predictions very seriously. Today’s game is no exception.

With the match set to be played in Saprissa stadium, many are feeling that an unfair advantage has been awarded to the team in purple. However, we don’t see it that way. With injuries to “number 10” and “number 2” on the Saprissa side and the return of “that mae” for La Liga, the playing field is pretty square.

Regardless of injuries, there’s a lot of heart on both sides of the cancha. La Teja reported this week that both squads appear ready to do whatever possible to score the first goal.

We love the optimism but can’t go as far as out on the limb as that.

Final prediction: A 0-0 draw with eight near misses.

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